Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just Delicious - so true!

I started Weight Watchers again. Like I said in my last post, I'm tired of being fat and out of shape. I don't like to get winded simply walking up a hill. I'm carrying around too much weight, not exercising enough and not eating right.

At the same time, I have a horrible sweet tooth, inherited from my father and grandmother, and feel the need for something sweet (preferably chocolate!) at least once a day.

I used to fulfill that need with all kinds of processed, chemically filled foods. However, since Ricky and I have started trying to eat more clean, I'm doing everything I can to avoid those things. So what's a girl to do when she wants something sweet, without the checmicals, but low in calories too?

Why, go to Just Delicious Diabietic Bakery, of course!

Just Delicious is a sugar free bakey in Clackamas, OR. it's one of only 8 entirely sugar free bakeries in the country, and they are right - it is Just Delicious.

I heard about it yesterday when I went to a Weight Watchers meeting. People simply raved about it, so I decided I had to give it a try. Thankfully it's not far from home (and is right next door to our gym!), so I made a stop yesterday. Boy, were they right!

So far I've tried the cannoli (3 points), coconut muffin (1 point), chai tea muffin (1 point) oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (1 point) and apple bran muffin (0 points). Everything is about the size of the coffee shop equivalent, so pretty large, but with no sugar it remains low in calories and high in fiber.

The best part? No preservatives, and everything is all natural. And really, really tasty! The coconut muffin, which I had for breakfast yesterday, tastes like cake. Yum. I had the apple bran for breakfast this morning. That plus 6 ounces of grapes and a cup of coffee has kept me full for the past 4 hours. Yesterday, for a treat, I had the cannoli and while the consistency wasn't quite the same as a full sugar cannoli it was delicious and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.

Even Ricky has loved their products. He ate the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie yesterday (I got a small taste) and found it to be delicious. This morning he had the chai tea muffin for breakfast and enjoyed that as well. We will definitely be frequent visitors of Just Delicious. Maybe I can use it as my motivation to go to the gym, too!

Back in the saddle again

I hate that I struggle with my weight.

It started when I quit playing ball, really. Oh sure, I always thought I was fat...because I was built bigger than girls I went to school with and I couldn't wear a size 2 after about 2nd grade. I realize now, I wasn't fat. I'm just built that way. I'm built like my dad. I'm built, in essence, like a guy - broad shoulders, wide...but fat? No. Not in high school, not in college.

I'll never be a size 2. I'll be lucky if I can get to a size 12. But for me, that's ok - it's the shape my body is meant to have.

What's not meant to be is all this extra fat I'm carrying around. I'm out of shape, or in the wrong kind of shape, or something.

Playing ball, staying thin was easy. We were working out a lot, running a lot...and eating a lot, but it didn't matter because we burned so many calories. You try pitching 3+ games a weekend and tell me you're not working hard!

The thing is, I hate working out, so when I don't have a reason to...well, I just don't. I've never liked it, and it was always a struggle, but I did it because I knew I had to in order to be better at the sport I loved, in order to excel. Now I have no motivation, no competition, no real reason to do it. Other than my health, of course.

So here I am, back on the wagon. I'm trying to quit eating like I'm playing 5 games a weekend and get back to eating the way I know I'm supposed to. I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life and I hate it. So I'm changing. It's not going to be easy, and I may have setbacks, but I know I can do this.

Now, will someone please remind me of that when I try to quit again?