Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dogs are Expensive

Ugh. Seriously.

Jacko had to go to the vet today. He had a spot on his face that was missing fur and looked kind of red and raw. Apparently it's an allergic reaction - to what, we don't know. It's on his muzzle, and is the size of a nickel or so, but that's the only spot. So we have no clue as to what he might be allergic to.

At the same time he had to get his anal glands expressed So glad we didn't have to do it ourselves because, yuck, but how often do we have to do this? According to the vet, we need to have him checked every 2-3 weeks. WHAT?! I have to pay $17 every 3 weeks to have his butthole cleaned out? Um, no thanks. He needs to have more forceful poops so that this can happen naturally. Bleh.

At least he got a free nail trim