Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What a Croc!

It appears that I won't be getting my new croc flip flops. I got an email from them saying they were sorry but my order choice is not in stock and they canceled my order. I went to look and see if there was another pair I liked in my size that was in stock and they still showed my color and size choice as being available, so I tried again. Again, they canceled my order. I think I may call them (do you suppose they are working on the 24th?) to alert them to the flaw in the system and see if there is anything my size in stock in a color I might want.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire

I am very much a bargain shopper. Ricky and I are frugal...ok, ok, we're cheap!...with our money, but I like to think we've been getting better as far as purchasing the things we need and not skimping just to skimp. That doesn't mean I don't still love a bargain, though. While I'm not a big coupon person at the grocery store, I love coupons for clothing, online purchases, and the like. I participate in MyPoints* because you can redeem the points you earn for gift cards to various places. So far we've gotten a $50 Kohls gift card and a $50 West Elm gift card - that's how we bought our new duvet cover for our beautiful new almost-finished bedroom! (Don't worry I'll post pictures when we're done). A few minutes a day of taking short surveys or simply clicking on an email earns a lot of points in a relatively short time, and the next thing you know - FREE MONEY!!

So yesterday I was perusing the MyPoints Daily Deal when I happened upon two things I have been wanting but hadn't been able to find at a price I was willing to pay.

1) Black sandals. With the MyPoints daily deal, I was able to get a $100 pair of Simple Shoes black sandals from for $16.35. Add a coupon code for free shipping and we're in business! Here are the cute sandals

Granted, they'll sit in my closet until May or June, but for $16.35, it's worth the wait!

2) I've also been wanting a pair of Crocs flip flops. Normally $30, I just couldn't quite swallow paying full price. Yesterday I was able to stack some coupon codes with a MyPoints daily deal that allowed me to get these

from the Crocs outlet online for $8.39 with free shipping. Again, not something I'll wear anytime soon, but for a savings of $22, I'll take it!

The best part of these purchases? By shopping through the MyPoints website, I earned multiple points per dollar spent. Not only did MyPoints help me save some money, they also gave me extra points while doing it! Another 900 points and I'll be getting another $50 gift card. I wonder which one I should get this time?

*If you want to sign up to do MyPoints, let me know and you can sign up under me. I'm being selfish here - it doesn't help you in any way, but I get points for having referred you!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lucky Number 7

Seven years ago today, Ricky and I done got hitched.

Hard to believe it's been 7 years already. I remember Thanksgiving the year before we got married, just after we got engaged, not long after Ricky's grandfather passed away. His grandmother was talking about how she couldn't believe it'd been 33 years, that if someone had told her when they wed that they'd be married 33 years she would have laughed, because it's so hard for us to think of - 33 years with one person!

I know what she means. Obviously none of us go into marriage expected to ever leave or be left by the person we're marrying, but there's something in our brains that just makes it impossible to imagine what it's going to be like that far down the road. When I try to think about years and years down the road, it's so hard to even imagine. Suddenly, I turn around and we've been married 7 years and I wonder, when did that happen (and are you sure we both made it through alive?!).

Marrying young has it's advantages and disadvantages. We've had our share of arguments and stubbornness, sure - I once walked home 2.6 miles at night in the rain because I didn't want to ride with him after an argument! - but mostly we've had good times, and bad times that turned into good times because we got through them together.

I think our 7 years can fairly easily be summed up this way:
2 houses + 2 vehicles + 3 degrees = 7 years.

Oh yeah, and throw in a dog for good measure!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

85 cents for a cookie? Why, that must have been 10 years ago!

I was thinking about how great it is to find money in coat pockets and realized we have a few coats in the closet that rarely, if ever get worn. Aha! I thought to myself. I might be able to "make" a buck or two!

So I started going through all of the coat pockets. Nothing, until I got to my letterman jacket, which I haven't worn since I graduated. In the right hand pocket I found 15 cents. Pretty darn sure that had to be change from a warm chocolate chip cookie purchased from the CCHS cafeteria during our morning break. Man we loved those cookies!